We have thousands of pre owned books and continually list them on our ebay store. From 1700’s though today. We never throw a book out or recycle it. My theory is someone always wants to read, re-read or collect one of their favorites no matter how beat up the book may be. You can visit the part of this ebay store to see what we have listed or drop us an email to see if we have it available, but not listed. We may just have the book for you…Vist

Star Wars, Baseball, Football, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Magic the Gathering (MTG), Hockey, Stickers, Basketball, Sports, old Movies, Garbage Pail Kids and the list goes on. What is it about collecting cards that we love so much. We have tens of thousands of cards. As I start to list them you will find them here in my store.Visit

We love Music. Vinyl records are one of our favorite ways to enjoy the sounds of life. As we list and create more volume in my store you will find several of my record posts across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We take all the photos and videos of the actual items we sell so we hope you enjoy them. Clink the link to go to this section of my eBay Store.Visit

Gearhead? Tool Buff? Amish? We have the tool for you. From Vintage Pieces to modern power tools, if it cranks your soul or tightens your perspective we will list it here. Broken no problem, we will sell it for parts or art. A virtual junkyard of miscellaneous parts surround us and we know someone is looking for it and eventually we will find it and list it. Hanging out in the gargage today? Fixing something that needs a special tool? If we can figure out what we have, we will list it.Visit

Fashion old and Gnu. We have your style. Looking for that old belt, or a ballcap or hat. Maybe a scarf or some baby clothes. Shoes and boots. Jewelry, bracelets, earrings, Necklaces and just about anything to adorn your inner style beast. We have thousands of pieces some of it Gnu old stock that is yet to be listed including Lingerie, Robes and sooooo much more. So look for this to be a growing section of Gnubay family.Visit


Dog ate it? Fell into the the crevice of the couch? No need to worry, As we find remotes, we list them here.Visit

Are you the next Lewis & Clark? Exploring the world? Trying to find a vintage tourist map? Trying to remember what something looked like or maybe you were born knowing only GPS. This is where the cartogrophers like to delve into the rich history of the world before the internet. We have thousands of maps, globes and atlases in my physical collection and as we list them for sale they will end up here.Visit

Babylon 5 John Iacovelli Collection

The iconic Babylon 5 Television Series & Crusade were a joy for many fans to watch. Visit  this section of our store to buy from Production Designer John Iacovelli’s collection. John was there at the pitch of the show until the end and at all stages of the production.  Check it out, as there will be, original props, wardrobe, cast & crew gifts, blueprints, signed memorabilia, news magazines & articles, and all sorts of related items surrounding the huge cannon of material collected from this series. Visit the Babylon 5 Collection on eBay

Looking for a new addition to your kitchen. We love to list vintage kitchen pieces as well as anything that may have shown up on your kitchen cabinet or counter. Mugs, plates, bowls, bottles, decorations, pots, pans, lids, cups, glass, baking, utensils, forks, knives, spoons, bottle openers and can openers. Check out these and other kitchenware to see if something fits your style.Visit

We love music. All types. While the founder of played piano (poorly, we might add), music foundations often come from a piece written long before our time. You will find classical to pop, Jazz to Gospel, old to new in songbooks and single sheet note music here in this store. We have hundreds up and thousands still to list.Visit

When you have soooooo much stuff and you just cannot create a website or category for it all so we put a lot of it here. Some Old and Some Gnu. Sometimes it is Sports Memorbilia or equipment other times it may be Historical memorabilia like The Extracts & Proceeds of the American Continental Congress I sold on Pawn Stars Episode “Happy Meal. Happy Deal”. You just never know what you may find among the trinkets and treasures. It might be something for your pet, or just an old trophy lying around the house. One thing is for sure it is not in our landfills. We know you are trying to build your collection of whatever you decide to collect and we want to bring it to you.Visit

Looking for that classmate from a university, highschool, college or military academy. Maybe you are signature hunting, or scrawling to see a message that may have been written. As we come across these gems we will list them for you.Visit


One of the most popular formats before streaming came along, and the fan base for this format will grow. Our physical inventory of these is high, my online inventory will grow as time permits. Look for this to grow as Gnubay grows.Visit

Looking for something to adorn that torso area? Worn or torn, holes or Gnu-ish we are going to put that Tshirt here no matter how obscure the content or event.Visit

Well this is format we just love. Find that old movie you were looking for. Lots of hard to find and vintage editions of your favorites.Visit

We have been collecting currency, coin, tokens, stamps, piggy banks, and in general things that are neat to us for decades. US and foreign currency. Some graded and others are just a piece of history. As we get around to listing them for sale you can be sure you can find them here.Visit

Whether it is an old piece of Electronic history, or a pile of jumbled cords, eventually we put it up for sale. Not working, no problem, we will list it for parts for those who like to tinker. Sometimes it is an old computer cable, or memory card other times it is software or hardware accessories like a keyboard or mouse. Power cables of all types are listed some that probably belong in Betamax, Video Games, Video Game Hardware, old formats and just about anything that can plug into a wall. Next time you are looking for that vintage adaptor you or elctronica entertainment you just might en up here.Visit

Framed or unframed? Old Photos. Original art and reprints. Sketches found but never discarded. Slide photography and cameras. Partially used Art Supplies. Crafting, ceramic pieces, figurines, dolls, postcards or greeting cards. If something has any artistic value real or perceived we are going to list it. We love art and the beauty it brings to this world. Wall art and posters, Blueprints, watercolors, pencils pens and erasers. Find your next inspiration here.Visit


As we find that next piece of Entertainment or Infotainment we will put that DVD, Blueray or Video Disk here.Visit

Are you looking for that classic album on tape? Old car with a cassette player. Trying to find that old audiobook or motivational tape series. We have thousands of these, just a little low on the priority for listing right now so online inventory is very low. Visit

Christmas or Kwanza?  Halloween or Saint Particks Day. Valentines Day or Fourth of July. If you have a holliday, we want to celebrate it with you. As we come accross holliday memorbilia We will place it here.Visit

More to Come

We have lots of things that are being working on. As we create them, You can be sure that will be the hub of this activity. Visit my ebay store in the meantime while we create new content.Visit Gnubay ebay Main Page

A Message from Gnubay Founder

I have been buying storage units, attending estate sales and collecting for decades. Now I am creating listings and selling all these years of accumulation. Some stuff comes from dumpsters, other things are donated to me and somethings I have bought in large lots.

I hate using landfills. I truly believe that everything that that we create as a species can be admired or used again. Maybe you are an artist looking for some new mediums to work in, or an avid book reader, a lover of movies or just want to find an old part or a something vintage or antique. Whatever it is, I am going to try to resell, repurpose, reduce and reuse before I recycle something.

I plan to create something positive and fun here while trying to make an occasional sale or referral to support my family, friends and dreams.

My ebay name is Gnubay and you will find many links as our team expands the content on the ebay store grows this site.

I also love to create art, music and whatever moves me, so you will find photos throughout my pages like the creation by me here with pen and ink.

Pen and Ink on Paper

Art Title : When Two Paths Meet Records

Are You a vinyl / record enthusiast. So are we. Weather your collection includes  45’s, 78’s and 33 1/3  and even the occasion 16 RPM’s with sizes 7″ to 12″ albums or single, we will lclean the record and list them. Look for new titles being listed so you can listen in your home.

While the quality will vary on all records, I use the spin clean record cleaning system to reduce the skips and clean the records. I listen to all the records and will let you know when I find skipping. Just because a record skips, has a chip,or crack, does not mean someone doesn’t still want it. Sometimes artists buy my pieces for other purposes knowing my end game is not to end up in landfills and the purchase of something broken can support that cause.

Spin the wax and keep crate digging.