We ship the most affordable service at the time, the next available business day.

What is Your Return Policy?

Buyer should return the item via the policies on the platform the item is being sold.

Do we have customer service?

Yes, on the platforms we sell on. As for general questions not regarding a sale, we think Gnubay on Facebook would be a good bet to have informal off selling platform conversations via messenger. Otherwise, we prefer to communicate sales for items via the platforms the items are on. One should be aware that an item of ours may be available on several selling platforms and we will delist on the others when sold.

Gnubay is our reseller name on ebay, WhatNot, Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, Grailed, Vestaire, esty, and social media on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, tumbler, Threads, X(twitter), Reddit and as a cross lister on Vendoo. You will find many links as our team expands the contents and spreads out our online presence