What I do?

I buy storage units, estates and collections then liquidate the contents online mostly on eBay.

I have several web domains that all come to here then point to sections of my store on eBay.

I am an ebay affiliate, so I am grateful when you use these links to go to my store, as if you buy anything on eBay from that session I receive a small commission.

Perhaps you would like to work a collection or sell something?

At this point I have a high volume of items, and may consider it but I am about 8 months away from my time freeing up to work a new lot.

I love life.

Hopefully you do too.

Positivity. Compassion. Friendships. Recycling. Upcycling. Reselling. Repurposing.

Life is better when items on this Planet get repurposed, reused and resold before recycling.

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